Vogelsitze ® - A Passenger Seat Brand with History

 From its roots as a bus operating company since 1925, its founder, Dipl.-Ing. Ignaz Vogel recognized the need for high quality seatings that provide comfort, reliability and safety and subsequently started the seat production company in 1960.

Vogelsitze® is known as one of the world’s largest manufacturers & distributor of high quality passenger seats & related components for buses, coaches and rail systems.

With almost 60 years’ experience as a seat manufacturer, the German Vogelsitze company has achieved full vertical integration of all aspects of seat manufacturing and distribution and is able to offer a total approach to meeting customers’ seating requirements. Its world-wide, strategically located network of manufacturing, marketing and support facilities in nearly 20 countries ensures that customers in any part of the world can be serviced and supported efficiently and effectively.

The cornerstone of Vogelsitze’s success is its extensive focus on R & D and design and this is evidenced by more than 250 patents, trademarks and registered designs worldwide. An ISO certified company, Vogelsitze GmbH, is continually at the forefront of R & D in the industry and consistently brings to the market, seating products of the highest quality and durability.
Vogelsitze’s products are manufactured and supplied to its key Middle European markets through its main production facility in Karlsruhe, Germany. In addition to production, the company also houses its R & D, product design and testing facilities.

The vogelsitze® brand is associated with all worldwide leading bus manufactures with headquarters in Europe.

An extended network of international cooperation partners and licensees supplies vogelsitze® passenger seats with an annual number of more than 300.000 places.

After Vogelsitze in Germany has been sold to an investor with activities in the automotive business Vogel-Sitze(M) SDN BHD, Malaysia, changed the company name into Vogel Industries (M) SDN BHD as well as the brand name for its products.

Today Vogel Industries (M) SDN BHD develops, homologates, produces and distributes seat types for the sector bus and coach, for marine and for auditorium.